Installs but won't run on Mint and Ubuntu Studio


I successfully installed Scrivener on the latest versions of both Mint and Ubuntu Studio, but when I went to run the program, it displayed the splash screen and started loading but then it just quit. Any suggestions?

Try garpu’s solution : install windows native sapi.dll (sound api).

  • type winecfg in a terminal
  • select the Library tab
  • type sapi in the input field then Add
  • select native (Windows)
    You’re done

or you can install speechsdk via winetricks. :slight_smile:

I had a difficult finding speechsdk as Microsoft does not support it anymore so it’s not on their website where winetricks expects it to be.

However, although I was able to locate it from a 3rd party website and install it, Scrivener still wouldn’t run. Just displayed the splash screen and started to load and then nothing. The splash screen disappears but Scrivener never actually starts.

I’m using Scrivener on Ubuntu Studio (20.04 LTS) and Wine 5.0 right now.

  • Are you using a 32-bit WINE prefix? I haven’t heard of any success with the (standard) 64 bit.
  • Have you installed dotnet 4.7 or later? I’m using 4.7.2. Use Winetricks and select “Install a Windows DLL or component.” Warning: It will take you quite a while; you’ll basically have to start with 4.0 and then work your way up to the latest version(s). But you can’t register Scrivener without it.

After I did this I was able to install and run Scrivener with no further problems.

64 bit prefix works fine. No need to install that high version of dotnet; install 4.6.2. It is all that is required. Higher versions are only a waste of disk space and a risk for a botched install.

Here is a copy of the appimage, since the main site it’s on seems to be down. This is the multi-language version, which has English as well as many other languages included.

@theswede Please note that this is an AppImage of the Scrivener 1.9 beta that was released for Linux. Most others are talking about running the current Scrivener 3.0 for Windows under Linux.

@jillian.alberts I know it is. That was intentional. But it was not supposed to end up on this thread. No idea how that happened…

I’ll post it in the correct thread (again), and we’ll see if it ends up here again, or where it’s supposed to be.