Instant Backup

Anyone have an impression of Instant Backup?

If so, do you imagine that it would be better to use Scrivener’s raw project files (since this program makes a compressed disk image of the file) or the file?

Also (excuse my ignorance), is it possible to somehow configure iDisk to accept the FTP connection that Instant Backup uses?

Putting the Instant Backup icon in the finder window toolbar seems very convenient, and all you’d have to do is drop the Scrivener file on it after each writing session.


Definitely use zipped backups. It saves bandwidth, and protects your Mac files from getting important data stripped out of them (not as much of a problem with Scrivener, but it is a good rule of thumb). There is just no sound reason for uploading hundreds of tiny files when Scrivener makes it so easy to make an archive file out of the project.

Thanks Amber, but wouldn’t this duplicate Instant Backup’s compressed disk image file, and would that be a problem (compressing an already compressed file)?

Oh! Right you are, I didn’t see that it encapsulated everything for you. Yes that is quite nice, and you should be just fine putting ordinary project files into it. That would be no different than any other disk storage method. Archiving something twice doesn’t hurt anything, but is generally not necessary either.