Instant-Search for Document-Links

Hi, so whenever I want to link something I just wrote to an existing note inside my project, I find that I have to do multiples clicks or hovers to open fly-out menus. I have over 600 notes, so it takes a while to find a specific note that I want.

Something that would be nice would be that instead of needing to manually select an existing note, I can just start typing into a search-field and the listed notes would auto-filter until either only 1 note remains, or I can choose 1 from a much more curated list. The search can just index note-titles.

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Yes! I really really need this too!

I am writing a literature/history dissertation, so I need to cross-reference a lot of material - ideas, quotes, people, movements, events, concepts, etc - and have a massive reference database. Without a search field this takes absolutely forever.

I do know that I can link easily if the text of the link matches with the proposed linked document, but quite often, the link text is not a match.

There are multiple methods of creating links in Scrivener. The menu system is probably the least efficient way of doing so (well, maybe the “Existing Items” tab in the new link dialogue is another contender for that), but we have it there for accessibility and cases where it may be more efficient, such as in very simple binders.

Have a look at §10.1.1, Creating Internal Links, in the user manual PDF, for a complete rundown of all the different methods. You can create them by typing, by drag and drop (which is extensive in Scrivener, almost every icon you can see can be dragged and dropped, more so on the Mac), by combining search with drag and drop by that same principle and with copy and paste.