? instead of dots in lists


i’m using the last version of the Screivener for Linux. I wrote a text and exported them into doc and pdf.

The exported doc version shows the list like:
? First
? Second
? Third

The pdf version uses the correct dots on that place.

Can anyone reproduce that?


Edit: Just seen that that issue just happens with TextMaker. After opening the same file with LibreOffice Writer the doc uses the right dots. So it looks like a bug in TextMaker.

It could be a font problem. The ellipses character “…” is a single glyph, like the letter “A” is, and not all fonts have it.

I find it to be a font/character translation problem. I cannot create a file in Scrivener for Mac (OSX 10.4, ver. 2.5) and then open it in Scrivener for Linux (ver. 1.7.2) without getting the “?xx” character substitutions for such special characters as “bullet” or “em dash” or “curly quotes”, etc etc.

Have never been able to solve that. There is no option I can find in Scrivener to select any translation options such as UTF-8, etc. but doubt that’s the real problem. Mac & Linux character translations differ, as far as I can determine.

Long story short: if I wish to use a common Scrivener file between Mac and Linux, such as a personal notebook, it’s necessary to avoid using any of those special characters. Or, for a story or essay, submit to doing a multiple search & replace for final output to fix those character substitutions.


There seems to be a problem but I don’t get exactly the same as you report. And I’m afraid I don’t have Word.

If I export a file comprising text paragraphs plus a bullet list written in scrivener 64 bits (linux), it depends on the format chosen for export :

  • if I export as file.doc (Word), when I open the file in LibreOffice Writer, it appears correctly just as I formatted it in Scrivener.

  • if I export as file.odt, when I open the file in LO Writer, the other paragraphs are there but the bullet list has completely disappeared.

  • if I export as file.pdf, when I open it in Okular, it appears correctly as it was in Scrivener.

This is a bit odd since the Open Document Format (.odt format) is the basic format for LO Writer.

I’ve had the opportunity to test all the export formats on my old laptop with 32 bit version of Scrivener using a text file with several paragraphs and including a bullet list and a numbered list.

The only export version which fails is the open document format .odt and when opened in LO Writer, the list has completely disappeared each time. Not only the bullet points but the text following the bullets or numbers.

Normally, I can open an .odt document in Okular which will correctly display a bullet list. The odt file exported by Scrivener displays in Okular but again without the list.

So it would seem that Scrivener does something inappropriate with the .odt export.

The problem with exporting a scriv file which contains a bullet list as an open document format (odt) file whereby the list disappears completely in the odt output file has been confirmed by ‘Piet’ on the libreoffice users list as due to a malformed export.

The bullet list items are correctly formed but the whole of the bullet list should be enclosed between text:list and </text:list> tags which scrivener omits during the export. The result of the omission of those tags is that the whole list disappears.

I have checked this in the content.xml file within the odt archive and in my test files, I replaced the missing tags and the resulting odt file then opened perfectly in LibreOffice Writer.

[Apparently others using scrivener 2.7 on Mac OSX, have a related problem but they get 2 bullets per line item in the list.]

So it would seem that scrivener are not very good at handling the open document format.