Integration of Scrivener with Pocket?

For the past few months I was researching a topic and writing a lengthy analysis on it for a client. I developed an approach to finding new information using Twitter and Pocket ( on my Nexus 7. I built a list of suitable information sources to follow on Twitter, and when they referenced a useful news article or new document, I would add that to my list of Pocket documents. Then, later, I would read the articles closely on my Chrome browser and transfer useful ideas and information to appropriate Research pages in my Scrivener document.

So it occurs to me that it would speed things up if it would be possible to integrate Pocket with Scrivener. For example, would it be possible to open Pocket in a split page frame in Scrivener; or would it be possible to include my Pocket pages, or even just the tags, in a text search within Scrivener?

I haven’t found any reference to the Pocket app in the Wish List forum, so maybe I’m one of only a few people enamoured of Pocket as a tool for capturing ideas on the fly from the web.

I’d appreciate if others who use Pocket and Scrivener together, share the processes they use to combine these two powerful tools for researching, analysis, and writing.

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[size=50]Actually, I’ve forwarded the link to five others.[/size]


I don’t use Pocket, because apparently it doesn’t work with either Chrome or Safari. I tend to save all of my web links and readings to DevonThink Pro Office. I could also dedicate a Scrivener project to saving these items. Call it Writing Ideas and save links, etc to the Research folder only.

Evernote also comes to mind as a place for saving materials in organized folders. Does Pocket have distinct advantages over Evernote, in your mind?


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I use Pocket in both Chrome and Safari - it’s got very shiny extensions for both browsers.

I played with this a little bit this afternoon; you can add pocket links to Scrivener just as you would links to any other website. (I did get an error message in the top bar of the page, where the Pocket menu bar would normally be, but it didn’t affect functionality.) That’s going to be slow, if you have a lot of links, but it might be worth it for you.

I would like very much to have a way to integrate, or have a working bridge between Pocket App and Scrivener :slight_smile:
I tried using url but we get glitchies on the top of the page, and sometimes the app quites.

I used to use Pocket but it has recently become a bit intrusive; I now use Instapaper which has the great advantage that it allows the export of annotations to use e.g. in Scrivener. I use it much like I do for academic papers within Sente: reading in that app and then exporting the reading notes to Scrivener.

Federico V. Has a typically thorough discussion of this (relatively new) feature of Instapaper: … -articles/

I use Wallabag instead of Pocket. It can deliver content via RSS feeds, which should be pretty easy to capture with a script or automator action into Scrivener.