Intentional HTML markup via Styles on Compile

Hi - I’m not getting the knack of this. It seems like a simple objective: getting

HTML tags from, say, a Block Quote Style in Scrivener.

As I understand the process, we’d create a Format in the Compile menu, and edit the Style upon which we hope to generate the HTML markup, inserting said markup in the Prefix/suffix: text boxes as shown:
But unless we select the “Treat as raw markup” checkbox, the

prefix will be displayed in the HTML output rather than implemented as markup.

And if we do select the “Treat as raw markup” checkbox, we lose all character formatting in any block quote that takes the prefix. Whereas what we’re trying to do is treat just the prefix and suffix as raw markup and convert the editorial content as formatted.

Are Prefix and Suffix aligned with “Treat as raw markup” by design in Win V3? In Mac forums, the immortal @nontroppo has shown us at least two examples of Prefix and Suffix achieving HTML markup with “raw markup” unchecked. Note, the first one is a character style only, but the second one is a character and paragraph style.

Or is there another approach to HTML insertion that is preferred and that I haven’t landed upon?

Rgds - Jerome