Interactive Tutorial

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the interactive tutorial? :confused: Have tried several times, but just don’t know what I am supposed to do. :frowning: Please someone get me started. What is supposed to happen if I click on Start?

Hey there Dahurn, and welcome to the forum.

The interactive tutorial is basically just a scrivener project that you can look around. You read it like a book, but as yo go through it, it will ask you to do various things that talk you through the basic functions and structure of the program.

Open up the tutorial, make sure the binder on the left hand side of the screen has all the folders expanded so that you can see “Part 1: Basics” and “Part 2: Organisation” but also the “Step 1: Beginnings” type documents. (Press the little + / - icons next to folders to expand / collapse the contents)

Then click on the START HERE document in the binder on the left. You should see in the Editor - the main window a large Scrivener (yin yang) logo, with the words “Scrivener Tutorial For Microsoft Windows” in large letters.

Scroll down and read that page, and follow the instructions it gives you from there on in!

In the current tutorial, the first folder was left collapsed by mistake, so you need to expand it as suggested (though you may see a little arrow to the left of the Part I icon, if you are using a non-Win Classic theme) to see the first step.