Internal links don't appear in compiled MMD

My internal links appear in compiled MultiMarkdown as

  • [3.2.1 Section XYZ][]
  • [3.2.2 Section ABC][]

My compile setting is as attached (and Convert Links to MMD checked but somehow dimmed)

Why? Please help.

It’s not possible to tell what is wrong with this data. These look like normal links to me, and presumably that is what the sections are named that they were pointing to. It would maybe help to know what you were expecting, and what you tried doing.

At least for Pandoc if the heading title can be converted into the link, then you do not need an explicit link, so this is valid:

# Heading identifiers in HTML


Please see [Heading identifiers in HTML][]

You do not need an explicit link: [Heading identifiers in HTML](#heading-identifiers-in-html)

See Pandoc - Pandoc User’s Guide

In general, it is better not to use “Convert Rich Text to Multimarkdown”, and use Styles for strong emphasis etc. This gives you a better separation of concerns and more flexibility in the longer term.

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Yes, perhaps there is confusion over why the bracket pairs are blank. The second bracket set is optional in both Pandoc and MultiMarkdown dialects, and indeed the empty bracket pair can be left off entirely [Like So], for a cleaner writing style. We leave them in though for backwards compatibility.

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Yes, that was indeed my confusion. Thanks so much!

Okay! Yeah that’s just shorthand for “this is the link address, and it is also the visible link text”.