Internal reference description doesn't track doc name change

The name of an internal reference does not change when I change the name of the referenced document.

I’m writing a novel. I have a text doc for each scene and a text doc for each character. In each scene I add an internal reference to the scene’s POV character. For example, the POV character for Scene One is Jeremy, so in my Scene One doc I add an internal reference to Jeremy.

Later I change Jeremy’s name to Mortimer. The reference in Scene One still says Jeremy. I would like it to change to reflect the new character name.

Is this a bug? A feature? My misunderstanding?



This isn’t really a bug but a limitation. You can set the name of the reference to anything you like - by default it takes on the title of the document to which it refers, but you can change that. For Scrivener to go through every single reference and update the title whenever a binder document title changes would therefore be somewhat problematic, unfortunately.

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Could you add an optional column to the reference list to show the name of the referenced document (in addition to the description column)? Or maybe a checkbox to toggle the first column to show either the document icon or the document name?