Internal Scrivener link is not being updated

when changing the internal name of a scrivener link, the link is not being updated (e.g. changed my number in here):

I searched the bug forum, but does not seem it has been reported last months!?
Are you going to fix this?

The image did not come through, but if you are meaning to say that if I link to a document named “Fruit Bats” and that is the text that is visible for the link as well, and later rename the document to “Tropical Fruit Bats”, then we would not expect the link text to change. Scrivener cannot know that is what you mean and assuming that could be destructive to your text.

You can however easily tell it that this is exactly what you want, by right-clicking on the link and using the “Update Document Links to Use Target Titles” command. As the phrasing suggests, this can be done on many links at once. Also note that with the Document Bookmarks inspector pane, you can trace back all of the places that link to the newly renamed document.