Internet Explorer - really??

When purchasing the upgrade via paddle and selecting Paypal as a payment method, Paypal starts in a browser popup (what is okay), but this is good old internet explorer (which is definitely not okay),
I didn’t even know, that I still have that outdated grandpa on my computer!
I don’t like that. I would prefer my favourite browser to open webpages, or at least something more secure like Edge browser (if it has to be something from microsoft)!


Definitely agree! Unfortunately that isn’t something we have any control over—which in and of itself is actually a good thing. We don’t have any access to, nor control over the store check-out process, or how any of the stuff works inside of the window where you put personal info and payment details (well, other than some theme options). That’s provided by our vendor.

We’ve asked them to fix this, especially since modern computers sometimes don’t even have ie.exe any longer, and thus fail completely. They are looking into it.

This is an issue for us Linux folks. Can you get your key through the web page? (not as convenient as upgrading in-app, but it works.) Then you should be able to activate your new key normally.

The key is sent via email, so as you note the only downside to not having the embedded purchasing (or rebate) workflow is that the software doesn’t auto-activate at the end of it.

Unfortunately, there is yet no version of Windows currently for sale that no longer includes IE. It may no longer be the default browser, but it is still present for backwards compatibility for older software.

Well, this caused me issues. I’m on Windows 10, all updates, and when I tried to pay via PayPal, I ended up in an infinite loop because IE was missing a script or some such. It didn’t matter which button I pressed (Do you still want to continue - yes or no), because either selection simply caused a new window to pop up offering the same yes/no choice. I couldn’t back out of it or cause it to stop. I had to actually access the Task Manager and force IE to shut down. I then chose a credit card to purchase and that worked perfectly. But, for me, the PayPal option was totally hosed.

Well I ran into this problemm too when trying to pay with PayPal. I didn’t get any response at all despite trying several times and trying to see if waiting would produce a result. I use Firefox by default but Edge is also on my machine. No browser opened and I eventually had to pay by using the Credit Card option … which I was reluctant to do.

After reading this thread, I searched for IE but can’t find it anywhere on my W10 Pro machine - it certainly didn’t get opened when I clicked on the PayPal link. I remember it being there with Edge on my old machine but can’t locate it on my new pc which I built in the last six months.

It may not have been said specifically in this thread, as it has been said elsewhere in the other threads on this problem, but for anyone that wants to use PayPal, but can’t bring up the panel, you can use the web store page instead of the built-in. This is what garpu was referring to above.