Introducing Mr Johnson (the shadowy "DMJ")

Hello all,

Those of you who have had cause to write to the sales @ L&L e-mail address of late may know this already, but since the beginning of August Literature & Latte has no longer been a one-man company; in fact, it has doubled in size. (Those with sound mathematical skills will have deduced that Literature & Latte is, therefore, now a two-person company.) Some of you (hello Vic-K!) may have noticed that there has been an extra administrator on the forums for the past couple of weeks, too - the shadowy “DMJ”.

So, it’s time - in fact it’s a little overdue - to introduce David Johnson, who joins Literature & Latte mainly to handle sales and marketing (there is a quarter-page ad for Scrivener in Mac|Life this month which will run through to January, which - although the design is mine - was one of David’s first marketing moves… He’ll be trying to get Scrivener out to more writers over the next few months). He will also be co-ordinating localisation after Scrivener 1.5 is released among other numerous other things. He is, basically, my “business arm”.

I hasten to add that the forums and Scrivener will continue business as usual. David will mostly be behind the scenes, handling the stuff that has been eating into my time more and more as Scrivener has grown (somewhat unexpectedly to me) more popular so that I can concentrate on coding Scrivener and handling technical support. And Literature & Latte remains a small, informal company in many ways - David and I have been best friends since I was aged 0 (we lived next door), and as students we talked of opening a café-cum-bookshop with this company’s title. It has just been very fortunate that his experience over the past few years has been in sales and growing a company and that I have been able to tempt him over to L&L. And of course, now I have my own employee I feel my delusions of grandeur have been justified.

So, if you receive any replies from Literature & Latte signed David, now you know that it is a real person and not just that I have developed a multiple personality disorder.

All the best,

Mr. KB,

Congratulations! When you are forced to expand due to unexpected success, you must be doing something right.

Mr. DJM,

Let me apologize in advance for my presence. Every bar has its … lower life forms, and I am afraid I may be in that category. I look forward to seeing scriv grow. Just make sure he stays chained to the desk until 1.5 is done.

Welcome DMj, and for KB…

…qualcuno ha detto “Localizzazione”? Oops, I mean, did anyone say something about “localization”? good news
and best wishes for Scrivener Corp. (or Scrivensoft? McScrivener? General Scrivener???)
ok, stop, I’m not vic-k ;-D

Bummer, that actually sounded exciting ;).

Welcome, mr DMJ!


You’d better update your ‘About’ page then.

Literature and Latte is now officially a software company :slight_smile:


Hello, David.

It`s a difficult conceptualisation: Grumpy Blounty retaining the friendship of another human being, for a whole liftime. Mr David M Jonson must be a man of considerable pluck and fortitude.

A hearty welcome aboard Le bon Bateau Scrivener :slight_smile:to our new ‘Helmsman’
Take care

Thank you one and all for your kind welcome. I have already had the “private” pleasure of exchanges with vic-k (nothing of a tawdry nature), but it is nice to hear from more of the Forum regulars. I will indeed ensure that Keith remains chained to his desk coding v.1.5, whilst I attend to more mundane matters like accounting Keith’s expenses thus far and looking at marketing opportunities for Scrivener. (I will briefly say that Keith got very excited yesterday as he finalised updating ‘Preferences…’ for 1.5! - not too sure how much to divulge, so I’ll keep relatively stum with regard to development for now.) And vic-k, yes, a whole lifetime with Keith has had moments of consternation, but all-in-all he’s a good sort. Scrivener is already not bad testimony to a few years well-spent, but I must admit, I am looking forward to him moving beyond procrastination and actually writing the novel! Seems an age since we pondered the ‘point of it all’ throughout those teenage years, but it would be fantastic if at least one of us could follow-through with our juvenile dreams.
Best regards,

Careful. You may get vic-k excited with talk like that. He is … encourage-able. We don’t need him getting all worked up.


The shadowy DMJ is shadowy indeed. Have you noticed that although David has definitely posted in this thread (and very engagingly, too, if I may say so), his post count is still displayed as zero? Quite a conundrum, my dear Watson… I suspect the shadowy DMJ of shadowy ghost-posting in preparation for Hallowe’en…

…thats because he doesnt ‘post’. He p0sts (I wish I wasn`t so quick witted)

To be honest, this is why he didn’t introduce himself sooner…

Mes amis,
…t`would appear, that there are now deux caractères ombrages: Monsieur Le D et Mr D.

The question is my little ones, is there room for both of us!!
Le D

Welcome David. And best of luck with this motley crew! Whatever vic-k said to you in your private exchanges, be afraid. Be very afraid. :slight_smile:


…shame on you!! You brazen hussy grrrrr!!:slight_smile:
Le D

Welcome David. In addition to the amazing success among its users, Scrivener deserves also economic success. Best wishes.

Welcome, David! And congrats on your staff enhancement, Keith!

I’m excited about the impending release of the new version of Scrivener. Is there a mailing list for people who want to know when the new version is available? (and who are too lazy to check the forums regularly)


Hi Debbie,
There’s no newsletter at the moment, but I have been looking into it. When users buy Scrivener there is a checkbox to receive announcements and eSellerate make it very easy for me to get the e-mail addresses of those who checked that, and I’ve just discovered that Dreamhost make it very easy to set up a mailing list. So hopefully I’ll get one together before finishing 1.5. If you left the “send me update information” checkbox ticked when you purchased then you won’t have to do anything, otherwise look out as I’ll post information about subscribing to the list when I get it set up in a few weeks.
Thanks and all the best,

KB, I hope you pay him in ale and peanuts. Take advantage of that ‘childhood friend’ thing.



All this talk about marketing etc…nice…but…

…what if the general riffraff of wannabe writers gets hold of this application?

They’ll all be writing like GODS soon.

Where will that leave us?

What will now be OUR cutting edge?

Its a sad time.