Invalid Serial Number - Can't Register Scrivener 2 or Scapple


I had to install a fresh OS on my mac and now I’m unable to register Scrivener 2 or Scapple. I only have v2 and scapple on this computer so I’m not confusing it with v3. I also double checked my serial numbers with the esellrate store and everything matches. I tried copy and pasting and entering the information manually.

Just to clarify: My Scrivener 2 license begins with SCRVNR001 and My Scapple license begins with SCAPPLE001.


Same problem, and they didn’t reply to my mail. I paid something like 40 euros to use it for 2 months and then, after new installation it doesn’t work… is crazy…

How long have you been waiting for a reply?

Tech support never contacted me to help with my issue. So after seven days from the original help ticket I submitted, plus this post and an additional help ticket I sent in, I found the fix on my own, at this link. … read-first

I’m posting it here in case anyone else has the same issue.

Unfortunately, this didn’t work on my license of Scapple. So I still need help with that.

I still need help with my Scapple license and no one ever contacted me back after reaching out to CS several times and creating this thread.

I paid for your software that I’ve been unable to use for over two months and counting because of some technical issue with registering my license and no one from LL will help me with this issue. I’m not getting any type of error code, just a message saying the serial number I entered is invalid.

I was finally able to get my license for scapple to work. I had tried entering the serial number manually and also by copy and pasting from an email and neither worked. I had to locate the actual receipt I got when I purchased scapple and copy and paste the serial number from there and scapple accepted it.

Just putting it out there, in case someone else has this issue.

Several years ago, there was a spate of problems of the kind described in this thread caused by new Scrivenists accidentally incorporating a blank space when they copied their new serial numbers across from their receipts.

Don’t know whether that applies in the cases above (or, of course, in any future cases) - but just saying, in case it does.

As a general note, make sure to always check spam folders and preferably white list and We respond to every message, but there are times where we get no response, and later find out the individual never got our answers through their repeated attempts to contact us.

We did in fact get in touch with Lucero a day after the posting here. For Fig, I looked up your address in the system and could find no correspondence—perhaps you use another address there than you do here though.