Invalid Serial Number?

I bought Scrivener back in 2014 and kept my receipt. I had to reinstall windows and when I did, I lost Scrivener. So I downloaded it again, located my receipt which I still have, and then tried to register it again. It’s the same computer as when I bought it.

I entered my name and serial number as it is on the receipt but it’s telling me that the serial number is invalid.

Do I need a new serial number?

Hi dotchianni,

Your current serial number should work. If you’re copy/pasting it from an email, make sure that you’re not inadvertently including an extra space at the start or end of the number when you paste it in - apparently that’s a common mistake.

If that doesn’t work, this Knowledge Base page has the email address for contacting L&L’s Sales team directly (linked to “Drop us a line”):