Invert Italics

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One thing I work with is large passages of text where the italicization of the text needs to be “inverted.” That is, whatever is normal text needs to become italicized, and vice versa. Thus far, I’ve written a script in AppleScript that will do this to a document in Pages. But that means cutting, pasting into Pages, running the script, then copying and pasting back to Scrivener . . . which is a HUGE waste of time. Is there any way that an “Invert Formatting” option could be added to Scrivener in the future? (Or even better – AppleScript support! :slight_smile: ) Basically, this option would “invert” any bold, italics, etcetera. Not a big deal, right? I know it’s one of those features that very few people will actually use, but it still might be a good idea anyway, right?


There is a quicker way of doing this (or there should be) provided that you want to affect an entire document. In that case, in the Preferences, change the font of the default text format to italics, then convert the document to the default format. This should cause any text that wasn’t italic to become italicised, and vice versa. Then change the preferences back. I say should, because I’ve just been testing this, and there are some circumstances where it doesn’t invert things (so you would want to back up first). After much testing, it seems that there’s a bug in the text system here, too, although I’m having problems isolating it in such a way as to be able to provide Apple with a test project…

The trouble with having a generic command, though, is that often you might want to invert italics but not bold. And what about other formatting? Highlights and underlines and suchlike?

It wouldn’t be a difficult command to add, though, so maybe remind me after 2.4 is out, in the New Year, in case I’m feeling charitable. :slight_smile:

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If it were me, I would design it like a pop-out menu:

Invert Formatting -> Italics
All Formatting

And then, pow, it does it! Speaking of which, when is 2.4 gonna be out? Any hints? :smiley:

The latest beta is pretty much there. There are only a few minor things to do now. I had wanted to get it out before Christmas, but seeing as iTunes Connect is closed for a week over Christmas, when it got to last week I realised I was never going to get it out on the MAS and in our store before Christmas, and I didn’t really fancy dealing with increased support that a release brings over the Christmas holidays. :slight_smile: So, it will be out in mid-late January.

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