Invert your screen...!

Well, here is something I never knew about - I bet loads of you already know this, but I did not know this feature existed in OS X. Whilst I was playing around with keyboard shortcuts just, I tried out ctrl-alt-cmd-8 - and it inverted my screen! I can’t take a screenshot because any grabs you do are also inverted, but it looks pretty damn cool. If you have never tried it, check it out.

I really should read up on all the cool stuff like this, but then, I do like finding them out by accident, too. :slight_smile:

A similar tip that helped out my boss (and would help out any software developer) is: to take a screenshot of a certain area, press cmd-shift-4. However! If you press the spacebar while in that mode, the cursor will turn into a camera and it will take a screenshot of just the window you currently have the cursor over.

Keith, go to System Preferences > Universal Access. You can also set your screen to grayscale, zoom in and out and increase the contrast. If you don’t like pinstripes, you can knock the contrast up to around the first notch. Now everything is Zion White. :slight_smile:

This is great!

It inspires me to pour a large glass of scotch and settle down for a late-night editing session; shame it’s only 11.50am…

Yet another excuse for procrastination…:unamused:

Nocturne does a real nice job of this.

One I use occasionally is this trick: if you hold down the Control key and spin the wheel on your mouse (assuming you have a mouse with a wheel) the screen will zoom in and out where your cursor is.

Sometimes I actually like to play games with the screen inverted - it makes for a pretty weird feel, and it’s like learning the game all over again. Though it tends to hurt the eyes after a while, especially with games that are normally very dark.

That’s a neat trick! I don’t use a mouse these days - well, not on my PowerBook anyway. I’ve a Wacom tablet and pen for image work, and the trackpad works its magic everywhere else. I’ve just tried the old two finger scroll mit , and it works beautifully. 8)