Invisible cursor position bar with black background in main

FIRST - I’m a new user (recently purchased) and I LOVE Scrivener. Has literally made writing even more enjoyable. Full screen mode is perfect for me.

QUESTION - I have tried searching the forums but can’t get the answer to this question.

If you are in the main text editing window (not full screen) and you use a black background and light font, the text entry point (flashing cursor position bar) is INVISIBLE. The floating mouse I-Beam is there in gray, but the text entry point can not be seen.

In full screen mode, the text entry point changes to the color of the font. I work mostly in full screen mode, but when I am making some small edits to a series of documents in the left document list bar, it is easier to do it in the main window. I would prefer the main window to have the same dark background/light font color scheme as I have set up for full screen.

Is there a trick for this? I did try closing and restarting Scrivener. Is this just an underlying limit of the Mac Text engine?

Hi, I’m afraid you can’t do this. Scrivener has to set the colour of the insertion point and cursor manually - there is no automatic way of doing this - and in full screen it can do this, because it knows what font colour you are using (because the font colour is applied temporarily to the whole text; that is, the text in full screen does not necessarily represent the actual colour of your text). However, in normal editor mode, you could be using any font colour (you can use multiple font colours in one document, in fact), so the insertion point defaults to black.

Hope that makes some sort of sense…

OK. I was guessing it was something like that. I’ll just set the regular screen edit mode back to a light background and dark font.

The overall feature set of Scrivener is so great, I’m not going to let this minor nit of OSX interfere with my enjoyment of my now favorite writing tool. At least I know not to keep messing with it.

Thanks for the quick response!

John Dee