ios 11.2.5 and dropbox sync issue resolved! (confict with different app )

Brand new ipad. S3 and Dropbox sync issue. All project files in D>App>Srivener. Have uninstalled and reinstalled Droobox - working ok with other apps. Have unlinked S from D and relinked. Have cleared D cache. Have deleted and reinstalled S. Have created new project Test in droobox folder but other than connection to D nothing. Wifi connection is 4G. On my iPhone (4G) takes about 30 seconde for projects to synchronise (no issues) so have at least 1 minute on ipad. Test project has a one text entry!

On initial set-up I had successfully linked to existing project filed in D and everthing seemed ok so,do not understand why issue should arise. Later when I unlnked S from D,I kept all files on S. Then when I deleted S before reinstall I cannot now access the project files in D.

. I have only got the ipad to use for writing on S: I hope this can be resolved shortly.

(In case relevant, I have disconnected the Find my ipad feature (as required when using Iamaze for back-up. Also Devonthink to go also uses D>App for its sync folder so wonder if there is a conflict. I do not need DT if so.

Delete DTTG from ipad. Sync issue with S resolved. circa 11000 files downloaded onto ipad. . Henceforth, will reserve D>App folder exclusively for projects.