iOS 11?

Will scrivener be updated for iOS11? it looks like it has some useful functions (drag and drop) that might be useful.

I’m interested in knowing if there would be enough changes to iCloud and the whole Files system, that would make it a better option for Scrivener then Dropbox. I’m very happy with Dropbox, and the way how Scrivener syncs, but just wondering.
Probably too early to tell.

I’m very happy with all what was announced though. I’m more stoked about High Sierra, iOS 11 and all the new hardware then I was for iOS 10, Sierra or the last hardware announcements. Sorry for the off-topic.

There are no changes to iCloud as far as I can tell - certainly nothing that will allow for any improvement over Dropbox syncing.

Digiterium - I’ve already tested Scrivener on iOS 11 and it’s working well (there is only one problem which I’ve already fixed for the next update). Dragging and dropping between Scrivener’s editor and other apps seems to be working well, and Scrivener can already be pulled out into a pop-up panel from the Dock - all of that is just working thanks to Scrivener’s integration with standard frameworks.

I’ll be continuing to test and looking for bugs or other changes, but Scrivener will definitely work very well with iOS 11.

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I’m not sure what the following quote from WWDC means. Do you? Possibly “point” updates released in an economically sensible way? … wwdc-2017/

“In phases” might also mean only releasing to a fraction of users at once, which would even out the support load. (As well as the load on Apple’s own servers for large volume applications, including their own.)


That’s how I understood it as well - Schiller confirmed as much, IIRC, in the interview with Gruber later on.