iOS 14 and Scribble handwriting

This is not specific to Scrivener, though I’ve tried Apple’s Scribble with Scrivener (my Mac is in the shop for a day or 3 and I’m temporarily back to iOS Scrivener.)

How do you use Scribble? I’ve found it incredibly frustrating to attempt to use it for text entry. Even at the bottom of the page, my handwriting is big enough that Scribble overwrites previously entered text. The lack of a backspace or forward delete function is maddening, as is is tendency to pick up every stray mark I make and turn it into… something. A period, the letter “z”… which I then can’t get rid of without erasing the whole word. And what it does with quotation marks is obscene, with spaces inserted and capitalisation gone missing, and no way to correct it without pulling up a keyboard.

In short, as a longtime handwriting recognition fan, I thought I’d love it, but not. I’d rather use my handwriting input keyboard, WritePad.

Am I missing things that would make it usable for me?