iOS 14 and Scrivener

iOS 14 is slated to be released today. Any idea if it’ll break current Srivener iOS functionality?

I ask because it’s been a long time since Scrivener iOS has been updated.

Same question: if I update to iOS 14 (1.2.1) will my Scrivener App break?

It hasn’t on my iPhone.

FWIW, I won’t be upgrading my own devices just yet. … evelopment


Very wise – but I use my iOS devices for consumption, not productivity, so I’m probably less vulnerable to problems. Though I still keep my fingers crossed.

Does anyone have any actual info on this? Not speculation.

I’d like to update my iPad to 14, but I can’t risk messing up scrivener!

I took the risk and updated both my iPhone and iPad Pro. I can’t say I have extensively used Scrivener iOS under iOS 14, but so far it seems to work. I haven’t encountered glitches yet. When/If I do, I’ll write back.

I have a 2018 12.9" iPad Pro. I updated to iOS 14 and have run Scrivener on three different projects, syncing them via Dropbox. I have only done a bit of writing and navigating around the projects, mostly proofing.

I have seen no issues with Scrivener and iOS 14.

Good to hear! Thanks.

Just a minor point, which I don’t think has been mentioned yet. The new handwriting feature (Scribble) seems to work in scrivener, with the Apple Pencil, at least.

I’ve not tested it extensively, but so far it seems to work ok.

Scribble does work with the Apple Pencil in iOS 14, but we still run into the keyboard overlap that takes up a good portion of the screen. On my iPad Pro 11, I lose half the page in landscape mode when I edit with the Apple Pencil. Hoping it gets fixed in the next update.

I can’t say I’ve seen that behaviour with the Apple Pencil — I could edit at the bottom of the screen without a keyboard showing at all.

I didn’t change any settings to get it to work this way — it’s all default AFAIK. (iPad Air 3, latest iOS14 and Scrivener). The highlighted text in the (fullscreen) screenshot is being added with the pencil. I get the same result both with and external keyboard attached and without. Not sure what the difference is with your setup, or what triggers the bug, but I’m not seeing it so far.

[attachment=0]File 20-09-2020, 11 42 46.jpg[/attachment]

I’ve had no issues with Scrivener on my iPad, which is now running iOS 14. Everything seems to work just as it did before.

The issue of losing part of the writing screen is when you pop up the keyboard from the Scribble tool bar or if you you accidentally get the on screen keyboard to pop up for touching somewhere in the text. I believe it is an issue they are working on and hopefully will see a fix in the next update. I am on an iPad Pro 11 (2nd Gen) with the IOS 14.

Look how interesting, I had no idea

Wow! I’m going to have to try this! Thanks for posting!

Has anyone attempted to use scribble handwriting recognition with the Mac app? I’d love to write with my apple pencil and have that translate into typed text.

It works as well as Scribble does anywhere. Personally, I find it frustrating. But that’s me versus Scribble, not Scribble versus Scrivener.