iOS - Dropbox Sync Problem. I'm Sorry.

I have read through the entirety of the sync troubleshooting guide, hunted online, turned off syncing, deleted my entire Scrivener folder system from Dropbox, turned it all back on, re-synced everything, and I’m still having a problem.

The files from the last 2+ days, for whatever reason I cannot possibly fathom, are not syncing. They are stuck on my ipad and seem to refuse to show up anywhere else in Dropbox (pc desktop or dropbox website).

I have no idea why. Can someone please try to assist here?

I have done nothing differently, everything was working just fine and now… poof… nope.

It has just stopped syncing all the work I’ve done for the last couple days. No clue.

The really fun part? If I create NEW projects and files it syncs those. Anything created or updated in existing projects the last two days dropbox sync is completely ignoring even though it is telling me when I change something and sync in those projects and files that it is actually syncing…

… is the solution to just create all new files in scrivener and copy it all over?

This is bad. I need this to work reliably. I need to understand why this happened.


New n00b Question!

Found the issue. Duh!

So instead of actually saving the file structure like you might expect… folder… project… folders… files…

… it is saving them under the Apps->Scrivener->ProjectName.scriv->Mobile->Data->LongKeyID->content.rtf

… is there a setting to change that?! This is not intuitive and it doesn’t keep any folder or file names? Seems to make it awfully hard with large projects and file volumes to work from Scrivener iOS to Dropbox to whatever very conveniently?

If everything worked just fine before, you either did something that resulted in this odd behaviour, or the app got screwed up.

Are you syncing to a Mac or PC?

This is the Scrivener project structure, and it’s working exactly as designed. The Mobile folder is used to hold changes made on mobile devices so that they can be reconciled with the desktop versions if conflicts occur. You should never be editing the contents of a project using any tool other than Scrivener itself, so it shouldn’t matter what Scrivener calls things internally.