iOS Dropbox Sync taking longer to start?

Has anyone else noticed a marked increase in how long it takes iOS Scrivener to get a list of files from Dropbox before it even starts a sync? I just did two syncs in a row; one downloaded updates to a number of files, the next one did not (as it had JUST synced a minute prior). Both times, it took over 20 seconds displaying the message “Syncing with Dropbox… Downloading file list…”. The second time, there were zero files to sync, but it still took 20 seconds to figure that out.

I don’t recall it taking that long before.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Connecting to different Wifi networks.
  • Disabling wifi and syncing using a moderately strong LTE signal (I’m on AT&T here)
  • Resetting my DB sync cache (Settings->Scrivener->Reset Scrivener->Clear Dropbox Sync Cache)

Keith has suggested to me that it might be related to a recent change on Dropbox’s end, but I’d like to confirm if others are seeing this slowdown.

I’m running the iPhone 6 (not plus, not s) from about 2 years ago, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the slowdown. I do have 4 projects synced to my iPhone, two of which are fairly sizable in both megabytes and number of documents, but not excessively so.

I tried just now on my iPad Pro and it behaved as usual.

“As usual”… meaning it takes as long for you as it does for me to get that list of files (even if there are zero files to sync)?

No, no “marked increase”. :slight_smile:

My fault for using that phrasing. I’m still unsure if you’re saying “my sync takes 3 seconds to retrieve the list of files before it moves on to the next stage of syncing, and hasn’t increased lately”, or if you’re saying, “my sync has always taken 24 seconds while it is ‘Downloading file list…’ and has not taken any longer lately.”

So: Does it take 20 seconds or more for it to retrieve a list of files to sync, even if there are no files to sync, or does it take much less? If less, approximately how many seconds from “Downloading file list…” appearing on your screen till it proceeds to the next phase? 18? 10? 2?

It has always only taken like 1-2 seconds at the most, usually not even that. My impression is that the initial time elapsed has to do with establishing the connection. As soon as that is done the rest of the communication is very fast. There is a slight difference between my iPad 4 and my iPad Pro, with the Pro being slightly faster.