IOs Ipad not possible to buy in Argentina

Why is not possible to buy scrivener for ios in Argentina, any solution?

@rlilloy, this has been explained several times; in summary it is because Apple doesn’t handle taxation and other transactional necessities in all countries.

What’s better to ask is what an answer is, which seems clear. If you have a friend good enough or family member who will allow their credit card to be applied to your Apple account, and if this credit card is in one of the countries Apple and thus Scrivener supports, then you can succeed. Once the app is purchased, it will be yours on that Apple account.

The US is a sure thing, but there are many others, particularly in Europe, and in the UK if it doesn’t like to stay…

Here’s a conversation where this was the solution in Israel: [url]]

Best fortune on getting your own copy of Scrivener iOS – I think we can safely say it’s worth the trouble.

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hi again – just to ask that you let us know how it goes by above advice, so that the advice is there for others…

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You can buy Scrivener from anywhere in the World, by creating a separated apple ID account set in the USA (or other country where Scrivener is available). You don’t even need an US credit card. You can create such an account with an iTunes gift card, that you can even buy on line through (as a gift for someone else, that will happen to be yourself). Once you’ve managed to create a US Store account (you’ll have to search for a local address and a phone number), you just need to add some cash now and then and buy anything you need, Scrivener included.
I hope this helps. It worked for me. Nice writing!