iOS: make front page more configurable, feel more like a front page

I used Scrivener for iOS for the first time seriously (syncing with complex Scrivener projects on a Macbook) on a long flight and it is awesome.

The only thing that feels like a bit of a letdown is the front page. This is what mine looks like right now:

  • It’s not very pretty to look at. The design minimalism that makes the rest of the app great feels like it’s too much here.
  • It duplicates information - the same list of projects is visible in a list to the left, and in a grid to the right. Yes that has its reasons, but it’s still awkward.
  • It doesn’t feel like a place for a writer or other person to take a deep breath and get an overview of their projects.
  • In summary, it doesn’t feel like a front page.

I’d like the list to the left hidden behind an edit button, and some of the following features added:

At the very least: a real front page with a centered grid!

A configurable background image!

Configurable colours for projects!

Configurable thumbnail images for projects!

Freely positionable projects!

Freely positionable and resizable projects - so you can move projects you’re not working on right now to the background! (Does pose some layout challenges… but perhaps you don’t need to show text when the project icon is small.)

Obviously, these sketches are not very refined - but you get the drift.