iOS Mindmapping integration?

Curious if anyone can recommend a way to integrate mindmaps with iOS Scrivener? I have used iThoughtsHD before on my iPad and want to use it (or its successor, iThoughtsX, or some other iOS mindmapping app) to flesh out plots etc, and then pull into Scrivener. Obviously Scrapple would be perfect, except that it is not available as an iOS app.

Any thoughts?

I export as opml file, and import in Mac Scrivener, save to the designated Dropbox app, whereafter it is available to the iOS app. Haven’t found a way to go straight to the iOS app.

Thanks for the reply. What mind map program do you use, and is it on iOS, or Mac?

I use iThoughts on ios and really like it. For the Mac it is too expensive. You cannot import opml into Scrivener for ios (yet?), but go around like lunk said. It creates documents (binder items) then. If you want a map, you can export as pdf, which can be imported to Scrivener for ios directly.

I can confirm that iThoughts export to Scrivener works very well.
Either as PDF for reference or as markdown to import full map as text.

Mindnode seems to work as RTF export, only. But works well

Thanks for the reply on iThoughts, Graham & Megapode, that’s what I used and liked before (kind of a drag that the old version doesn’t run on iOS 9 and you have to purchase a new version, but, oh well!). Agree also on the huge difference of pricing for the Mac version (iOS: $17, Mac: $70)!!

I can certainly live with the workaround of creating the mindmaps in iOS and them porting to Mac Scriv.

Cheers Mates,

Another Method

IThoughts on iPad
Open a Mind Map
Tap Share icon
Choose Open In Another App

Choose Format as .docX

Choose (.docx Options) as either
(I like bullets)

Choose Copy To Scrivener (must have a project open)
All info from map is in Scrivener document with name of map you used


I use iThoughts on both iPad and Mac and have done so for a few years. The point with using the opml format and importing to Mac Scrivener is that the structure is maintained. Every node in iThoughts become its own document (maintaining parent-sibling relations) and any comments you have added to the iThoughts nodes becomes document text.

Yes, this way you could even write a chapter within the iThoughts node-note (cool word) and export it as a text in a document in Scrivener later.

I invested in Mindnode. I can make edits on my Mac and it syncs perfectly through iCloud to my iPhone. It syncs superbly. So when I need a Mindmap, I just use Mindnode.

Has anyone used Literature & Latte’s own Mind Map software, Scapple, its excellent, freeform and by far the best Mind Mapping software I’ve used and I have tried them all.

Non are as quick to get notes down and build ideas quickly as Scapple, and off course it works with Scrivener, just drag and drop, on the Mac, and yes I know you can’t edit it on iOS, but you can view your Maps.

EDIT: I have not tried iThoughtsX until now, I like it though.

Yes, I use Scapple, and have used it together with Mac Scrivener several times, using the opml-format import, the same way I do with iThoughts. It works nicely. The difference in the way I use them is that I use iThoughts for creating structure for new writing projects, and use Scapple for creating structured Research background for scientific articles. So in my workflow, iThoughts mindmaps are imported to Drafts, whereas Scapple maps are imported to Research in Scrivener.


I’m trying iTHoughtsX the demo version, can I get export my maps from Scapple into iThoughtsX?

Yes. Scapple can export in opml format, and iThoughts can open opml-files. Had to check it, never tried it before. :slight_smile:
The other way around is not possible. Scapple can’t read opml and has no import command.


Thanks for that, its appreciated.

iThoughtsX is as easy to use as Scapple, but I would really like to stick with what I know in Scapple.

So Keith,

That begs the question, I know your still glowing in the euphoria of Scrivener for iOS but would you even consider developing Scapple for iOS, I ask before I bang £49.00 in to Mac and iOS versions of iThoughtsX? I would rather wait and give you my cash if you are developing it, I would rather stay in the Scapple eco system as I am used to it but if you are not then I will buy into another app on Mac & iOS.

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