iOS Music App recommendations


I’m looking for apps that play music that is on the iPad rather than streaming. I am currently using the default iTunes app for this. However, it’s one of the few out of the box apps I am unimpressed with. This is due to functions like a repeat mode missing, not categorising files correctly, and having to import music into my mac/windows versions of iTunes first for the itunes app to recognise its existence. I want different music on my iPad than what is on my desktop machines. My primary use for desktop/laptop iTunes is podcasts not music. My primary music app on my desktop and laptop is VLC but the iOS VLC interface is not as good as the Android one.

Thanks for your help.

Don’t have any advice regarding other apps, but the Music app for iOS does do repeat:

Slàinte mhòr.

And you can choose what to syn to the iPad via the sync option in iTunes.

If you want truly unique libraries, you can get a different apple ID for the iPad and make purchases via iTunes. This will make some sync things more difficult or manual, but it can be done.

Using Apple’s “Music”, it is sometimes difficult to reconcile the fact that this is the same company that designed the original iPod interface. I gave up even trying understand how to use that thing, a few versions ago.

In replacement I use Cesium. It taps right into the same iTunes library with a pretty full line support for its metadata. The interface is compact and has a lot of capability if you want it, but is possible to use simply if that is all you want as well.

I’m not sure if that quite satisfies all of the things you’re looking for, since it is coupled to the iTunes database—but that alone might be solved by other means. A while back you asked me for a recommendation on third-party file management tools. If you did indeed like iMazing enough to get it, you can directly manage MP3 files with it via the “Import from Folder” button (which in fact lets you transfer individual files if you want). That works with the internal central music library on the device, so all programs that make use of it will benefit.

I don’t what happens if you try to manage the library with iTunes as well as that. I’ve never tried; I don’t use iTunes on the Mac either.

Thanks Ioa,

I did get iMazing last week. I will look up Cesium.

Personally I use this app

did you ever try Spotify or Pandora, personally I used spotify , I can stream music on it or also I can save my favorite for offline mode too. It has also a free tier that allow user to listen anything with shuffle mode on iPhone.