IOS Pricing

I am trying to find the Canadian price for the IOS Scrivener application. The L and L page for IOS shows the price as being $23.99 and to be bought through the App Store where it’s listed at $32.99 bringing that total up to $38 or so.
Other products on the L and L have a big C, Canadian $.
All help, info and guidance is appreciated.

The App Store should list prices in whatever your local currency is, so probably the $32.99 is already Canadian.

Thank you for your reply.
After reading my original post, I see I was not clear on what I was looking for.
It has to do with the currency used for the IOS app: is it US or Canadian?


Apple is the seller from their App Store. The currency they present to you is whatever your App Store that you logged into is using. Literature and Latte is not involved in the sale, as @kewms suggests and states.

If the currency you see is unclear, best to contact the vendor doing the selling (Apple).