iOS Request: Compile Output to ePub

I downloaded the iOS app onto my iPad the moment I learned it existed. BTW, the app’s well worth the price. In my opinion, quality software comes at a cost, so don’t lose too much sleep about the inability to offer a discount to your loyal existing MacOS/Windows users.

I have a feature request. Do you plan to offer the ability to compile to ePub format in the iOS app? This ability would allow me to replace my aging MB Pro (7 years running) with an iPad Pro with no loss of productivity. Yes, I was waiting for you to release Scrivener for iOS to make the leap; your product’s that important to my work (pastor, academic, and amateur fiction writer).

Thanks again for taking the time to release a quality product in version 1.0. I’ll obviously add the iOS app to my list of “must-have” software I recommend to all my students. Scrivener itself already sits high on the list.

Thanks for the kind words!

It’s on the list of possibilities, as I would like to add it, but ePub is quite a difficult format to add for Scrivener because it has to generate HTML from the rich text, and Apple’s HTML generator isn’t very good for e-books. (The code that does this in the macOS version is huge and complex). Markdown apps have it much easier because it is so easy to convert Markdown to HTML.

As I say, it is something I want to add, though, and have it on my list for further investigation.

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I would really like that feature as well.

Incidentally, as a workaround, you can compile to Word format, “Open In” Pages, and then save from Pages in ePub format.

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Thanks for the suggestion to export to Word, import to Pages, and then export to ePub. Unfortunately, the export to Word/import to Pages didn’t keep the correct breaks between chapters/folders. Other suggestions?

Lest we forget mobi file formats too for any kindle users out there!

From Scrivener’s point of view, mobi and epub are essentially the same. For the (desktop) mobi compile, Scrivener creates an epub and then passes it to Amazon’s KindleGen utility.


I guess reading mobi/ePub books on scrivener desktop or iOS directly in the app is a difficult endeavour. Still, it would be ideal to have this facility perhaps sometime in the distant future.