iOS Rotation (phone)

Can we get a rotation on the phone to let the screen rotate if it is sitting on the “top”? I like the vertical format for writing, but I also usually have headphones in. And if the phone could rotate so the headphone/lightning jack is on the top, it would make that easier. Or for charging.


Have you ever seen that done on the iPhone? I’ve often wished it could do that as well, for the same reasons you provide, but it doesn’t seem set up to rotate that way for some reason (probably so people don’t end up talking into it with the device upside down).

I was starting to second guess myself. I knew I saw one recently. Install Knights of Pen and Paper, or Knights of Pen and Paper 2 (free). I just checked, and both of these will rotate “upside down”.

It’s definitely not a common thing, that’s for sure.

I’m not sure how those other apps do it, but there’s no way built into the iOS frameworks to do this. Here are Scrivener’s rotation settings in Xcode:

As you can see, it supports all possible orientations; it’s then up to Apple’s frameworks to rotate it. So the limitation is coming from iOS rather than Scrivener, I’m afraid. As you can see, “Upside Down” is ticked, but Apple’s frameworks only use that setting on iPads, it seems. It might be that Knights of Pen and Paper being a game, they are handing rotation at a much lower level than the standard frameworks (but that’s just a wild guess).

I think this blog post may explain why Apple chooses not to allow this: … pside-down

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Interesting link, Keith. That does make sense. Oh well. Thanks for checking!