iOS Scriv 1.1.3 = 1.1.2 (1187)

The App Store identifies the now most current iOS Scriv update as 1.1.3.

After installation, Settings app in iOS 9.x and 10.x identifies it as 1.1.2 (1187). I don’t know what the previous build identifier was.

Edit to add official L&L explanation:

A good software company would take the time to update their app even if it’s the version number. Developer’s mistakes need to be fixed and posted. I struggled and wasted a few hours until I found this post. Customer Service First! Also, L&L should update this program on a regular schedule like every two weeks. This app falls far short by not bring over important links and other research info.

No, he shouldn’t.
Keith should focus on getting the Mac version 3 ready instead of fiddeling with minor improvements on an iOS app that is fully functional, and as far as we know, that’s exactly what he is doing. You argue as if L&L was a major company with a large staff of coders and not the one-man-band it basically is.

I think a better answer would be that Apple should vet metadata as part of the app store submission process …