iOS Scrivener compiling to 0-word (blank) document

I haven’t tried to compile anything for a while, easily a year. Now that I’m trying to do it, I’m getting a blank document. And it isn’t a white-on-white issue. The word count is zero. This happens in whatever format—Word, RTF, etc.—I try to compile to.

I’m only really trying to export one story from within a folder, and I’m able to save this as a Word doc. But the page numbering and headers and footers I want don’t come through.

Wondering if anyone has come across this problem, and has been able to fix it?

Do you get zero words, but with page numbering and headers and footers?

If you tap the “i” icon for the document in question, is the “Include in Compile” switch turned on?

Ok, obviously it’s been way too long since I tried to export anything from Scrivener. The problem was that the document was outside of any folder, and therefore didn’t even have an “include in compile” option at all. As soon as I put it inside the Draft folder and hit “compile,” I was set. The whole project is just called “In process”—various discrete pieces I’m working on in various stages of undress, not really meant to be included together in a book. Obviously not the way Scrivener was built to work anyway.

Thanks for the help.

I use Scrivener for short form work all the time, and it’s fine. You just need to be a little more careful about how you structure your Binder and how you choose your Compile options.