Ios sync on dropbox + sync issue on linux + back to no sync on ios = home screen crashes

I bought Scrivener because I needed a tool that I could use on iOS + Windows + Linux.
I created my projects on the iPad. Then I used the Dropbox sync.
Then i tried to open the project on my Opensuse linux computer.
It said solething like : your file format is too old, we will open it as the new file format and create a backup on your project.
Except that the “new format” project was empty except for the title.
So I quit without saving anything, hoping that no sync would occur.
So back to my ipad, i open the project, and work on it.
The next time it tried to sync, it found a conflict. The main file was the empty one, and all ly work was in the conflict folder. I decided to put everything back on my ipad and to stop the droobox sync. I restored everything that I needed.
However I noticed a difference : before, i could choose between different 5 color labels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, none) and now I can only chose blue, red or none.
Moreover and this is way more problematic, Scrivener crashes on the home screen after only one second. If I touch very fast the screen I can open it and work, and save everything. I can also create a new project. However As soon as I get back on the home screen, it crashes after one second.

Any idea what’s going on ?

The linux version is back level. That is, it uses a different project format from the iOS and latest Windows versions, and therefore is not compatible with iOS.

I would recommend using the Windows version to save a backup copy of the project, and then reinstalling the iOS version.


Hi Katherine,
Thanks for your answer.
Actually that is what I was planning to do, but the problem was that I could not save a copy of the project as a whole because the home screen would crash. I had to save the compiled project as a text file, and it would not include the research files and the synopses, which was a bit disappointing (or maybe I just couldn’t do it, I don’t know). And as I had some 8-10 projects to export, that was not a nice thing to do.
Anyway, problem solved just by clearing the dropbox cache from the iPad parameters. Everthing works fine now. I also installed Scrivener on a Windows PC, and I use the dropbox sync without any problem between the PC and iPad. I got rid of the Linux version… too much fuss.

By the way, to bad that it is not compatible with Linux. That is one of the reasons why I initially chose Scrivener.