iOS Sync with OneDrive

Given the recent changes to Dropbox, primarily only being able to link 3 devices to a basic account, I have had to move away from Dropbox and have begun using OneDrive.

I use 4 devices for writing currently, an Android phone, a Surface tablet, a Windows 10 laptop and an iPad mini. Obviously I can’t use Scrivener on my Android, so I could use Dropbox, but alongside Scrivener I also use Fade In which is available across all of my devices, and for the sake of ease of use, and sanity, it would be ideal to keep my filing system to one cloud service, which for my needs has to be OneDrive.

So, I ask that you consider adding OneDrive syncing functionality to the iOS app.

Thank you.

Another reason for expanding sync support beyond Dropbox…

There are people with political objections to supporting a company with Condoleezza Rice on its Board of Directors.


While you’re waiting for additional sync options to be implemented for iOS Scriv, please see the thread below for non-sync workarounds that you can utilize now.



Perhaps you should all write to Microsoft asking to create a One Drive API for iOS that Scrivener can use to allow it to synchronise, and at the same time to make sure that One Drive is fully compatible with the package format that Scrivener uses on iOS and MacOS.


In my recent brief experiment with onedrive, it didn’t handle mindnode packages correctly. Never tried a scrivener project…