IOS syncing via Dropbox freezes on Win 10 project files?

This has never been a problem, I’ve synced projects via Dropbox, Windows and my ipad for years. What is now happening is:

  1. A new project created with Win 10 Scrivener freezes during sync to IOS

  2. A new project created with IOS syncs properly and can be opened again into IOS. However if the project is opened into Win 10 Scrivener and saved, the sync will freeze up and fail back to IOS, unable to open.

I checked to be sure I didn’t have too many devices connected to my Dropbox account and that I gave plenty of time for Dropbox to upload all the file pieces to the project.

I cleared out my Dropbox app/scrivener folder after saving all my projects to a hard drive folder so I was working with a clean environment. No luck.

This feels like a new bug, or perhaps Dropbox changed something or an issue crept into a recent Scrivener update (everything is currently updated)

Can anyone help me figure this out? Everything has worked smoothly for years!


The most likely cause is that Dropbox changed something or that your Dropbox settings changed.

Synchronization is actually a two-step process. First the project uploads from the source computer to the Dropbox server, then it downloads from the Dropbox server to the destination computer. The connection between Windows (or Mac) Scrivener and the Dropbox server is handled entirely by the Dropbox software and the operating system. Scrivener simply writes the file to the local disk and stands back.

iOS Scrivener does need to interact with the Dropbox server directly, but it doesn’t look like that’s the source of the problem. If this were a problem with iOS Scrivener or with the Scrivener project format, our Mac-based users would probably be seeing it as well, and they’re not.

To see exactly where the link is failing, create a new project on the Windows system and add just a few random files. Allow it to synchronize, then go to your account at and inspect the project to make sure everything uploaded successfully.