iOS syncing with Index Card app

Hi and good day,

To get the Index Card doc. via Dropbox to => Scrivener was a no-brainer!

BUT the other way round :frowning:

I did a “Collection” and have the following file in my Dropbox:/Index Card/IC-ETX.indexcard


. . . . v . . .

When I open the Index Card app on iOS (iPad) I get the ff error message:

”No Index Card Project Files”

”Put .ndxcrd files in your Dropbox IndexCard Folder to import!”

So .indexcard = .ndxcrd !?

==> =SOLVED_!

Have you contacted Index Card support? Once Scrivener creates the file, it has no further control over it.


Did you open the file in Index Card the way it is described in the manual and the screencast on L&L’s website?

Open Dropbox on the iPad, locate the IndexCard folder, and click on the file you want to open. Choose open and click on the ‘open in’ symbol (the A) and choose Copy to IndexCard.

Hi and good day lunk,

Yes you’re right.

Also from Index Card app itself, (it was a bit tricky to find - see the Project: Tutorials: Dropbox):


”Tap Copy from Dropbox in the Projects list to import files. If you have the Dropbox app running on your iPad, you can select your .indexcard or .ndxcrd files to Open In… the Index Card app.”

Or in other words:

In Index Card app:
Go To Projects > Dropbox icon at bottom > select your Scrivener doc => voilà !

P.S. Index Card app does a plentiful job for writing, collecting, ordering text items for Scrivener on OSX!

with best regards,
Omar K N
Stockholm, Sweden