iOS to Mac Project

I have completed an entire project on iOS. I want to put it in novel format. Is that template not available on iOS? If not, that means that I have to export the project to Mac but (1) it’s my understanding that an iOS license doesn’t cover the Mac program, and (2) it seems that Mac won’t import an iOS projecdt.

Have you tried to compile from iOS Scrivener? (It’s the button on the bottom with the arrow pointing up.) Try it and see if that gives you want you want. If not, come back with more specific questions about what you’re looking to do.

Mac compile functionality is much more advanced than iOS, but iOS may be sufficient for you, it’s just down to how fancy you want to get.

To address your other points:

  • iOS and Mac require different licenses (you have to pay for each)
  • Current Mac version most definitely will handle iOS projects and vise versa

The templates are basically just a starting point, which you choose when you start a project. I don’t think you can apply a template after a project is created.

It won’t “import” it, but it just opens it, the same way it would open a project created by itself. But the project will have to be saved in Dropbox from you iOS device.