iOS version bolding and italicizing whole documents for no reason

Hi there. I use newest version of Scrivener on both Windows 10 and iPad OS. When I edit on Win, it’s all fine. When I try to open same project on iPad, entire documents are left boldened and some also italicized for no reason whatsoever. Making any changes on iPad causes that bold/ italic formatting to copy over to Win version.

Removing the bold formatting on iOS, saving project on Windows and opening again on iOS doesn’t seem to solve the issue, it reoccurs.

Notable info is that I use Cambria/Corbel fonts that I put on dropbox so iPad version could also use them. And they show up normally… Outside of program forcing it to be in bold/italic.

Please help, iOS version is right now unusable for me, which sucks, cause I bought Scrivener with the mobile/pc compatibility in mind.

Cross-platform font compatibility is frequently the culprit behind this type of issue, so first thing I’d do is experiment with different fonts. If other fonts work, then either use those or find another provider for your desired fonts.

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Changed to Georgia font as I saw it in iOS editor and it seems to finally work. Shame I can’t use font I’m most used to, oh well. At least I can now again use my iPad for writing. Thanks for help.

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