iOS version not syncing [Error: The file "icons" doesn't exist]

Hi, on my PC, current Windows version I edited the Icon list to add a custom icon for my comic scripts. A week later when I tried opening Scrivener on my iPad, before opening any project, I pressed the sync button. I received a message stating:
Sync Failed.
An error occurred while trying to create a local directory.
Error: The file “Icons” doesn’t exist.
( the file doesn’t exist)

Any ideas how I can fix this?

I don’t play with icons, but I wonder if it’s like fonts, and if it has to be installed on both computers? Just a wild guess. :wink:


Thanks I’ll try adding the icon in the iOS version tomorrow.

This is between a PC and iOS version, I can’t add the custom image on the iOS version so I tried just the text, “comic”. That still didn’t work.

Is there any help for this? How can I have use of my iOS version at the very least, I really. We’d to be able to access my project via my iPad while away from my office.

Perhaps re-set the Dropbox syncing on the iOS Device? I’m thinking that if the device wants to see “icons” file , on new setup it will create one. Don’t know for sure, actually. Also see:

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Thanks but that didn’t help. Everything appeared to be setup properly, as it h as for years. Even so I still tried to re-link dropbox and that didn’t help either.

I did find the direct contact for support from the link you posted however, and I sent Support a message. Hopefully they will be able to help me.

This may sound silly, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen how to add icons to a Scrivener project no matter which OS I’m using. Could you outline what you did to ‘add icons’ and where in your project path you put them?

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Not silly at all. On a pc click on a file in the binder to highlight it. Then go up to the top and click documents, near the bottom of the popup menu click on change icon. From the menu that comes up, at the top you select “Icon from Text” to use an emoji or if you want to use your own image you can click “Manage Icons”. Manage Icons brings allows you to upload an image from your computer.

On iOS when your in a document you can click the i button at the top of the Editor and it brings up the Inspector on the left hand side of the screen. In the Inspector go to the bottom under Document Settings and click “Icon”. In the icon menu, at the top there is a search bar that is labeled custom. You can type a word and use emojis.