Now that L&L have so kindly provided the Mac corkboard appearance preference “Image cards use index card proportions,” would you please provide the same option on iOS? After all, corkboard space is at even more of a premium on iOS.

Thanks for considering this.

I’ve added it to the “to do” list, but my iOS “to do” list is quite long at the moment! An iOS update was my next priority but something that has just come up that is going to cause May to be dedicated to replacing our current web store and activation code - iOS will be the first priority after that.

All the best,

Thank you.

Keep working at it.
I’d simply want an update to iOS to keep up with iOS’s new features and to fix synchronization problems.
It’s been a year since Scrivener has been updated for iOS.
I hope Scrivener for iOS’s painful birth isn’t repeated and you have a developer working on it.
Best wishes.