iOS's Journal Suggestions API: future integration with Scrivener iOS?


I was playing around with the Journal app that comes bundled with iOS 17.2, and was impressed (almost eerily so) by how well the Journal app used information of my activities on the iPhone as prompts to write things down on the journal. According to a few articles I read about the app, Apple is making available the Journal Suggestions API available to developers to integrate with their apps. I was wondering, then, if Lit and Lat had any plans on incorporating this into Scrivener iOS? This would be killer feature that would compel me to write in the app more. Thank you!

We don’t discuss future product plans.

However, if you look at what we’ve done in the past, you’ll see that we are very much structure-agnostic. We don’t have built-in tools for the Snowflake Method, the Save the Cat beat sheet, or any of the other methods that claim to help writers structure their projects. Nor do we attempt to be a dedicated journaling (or novel writing, or journalism, or scriptwriting, or … ) application.