Ipad 32gb or Ipad Air 3 64gb?


I have seen a lot of users of the Ipad Pro with Scrivener, but since that one is out of my budget (not my primarly writing tool, that would still be my desktop pc - windows), I was wondering, anybody uses scrivener on the Ipad 2018 with 32gb or the new ipad air?

Just thinking of writing apps, is it laggy, specially on the ipad 2018? Is the storage space an issue?

Thank you!

I own an iPad 6th gen (latest) WiFi only with 128GB. The 128 GB is because I’m an app collector :wink: —I only actually use 30.1 GB. In other words, I could delete a few seldom-used apps and live in 32 GB easily.

Scrivener itself takes only 51 MB (that’s MB, not GB!) The app only takes 27 MB, and my two fairly large projects, 24.8 MB.

Note that my projects are largely text—I use very few images in my projects. But still, these are medium to big projects, about 150K words total final output, with moderate text snapshot use. No, I don’t notice any lag. The only thing I would miss would be screen acreage, I can’t imagine, even with large numbers of images, that Scrivener and its projects would significantly impact storage use on a 32 GB storage iPad.

I’d encourage you, though, to think about the 128GB storage option for the iPad 6gen. My iPad has a way of gathering apps :wink: , and becoming more and more useful because of it. Even if all you think you’ll use is Scrivener, that may change and other apps are not nearly so kind to storage.

I’m with Silverdragon on this.

Do not even contemplate 32gb as given the life expectancy of an iPad you will bust its storage limits soon enough.

One of my grandchildren has my iPad 2 and it’s still working just fine though is getting somewhat full. Another has a Mini 2 I brought her and it likewise is going a treat. Another grandchild has iPad Pro 9.5 that expect to see still running in another 5-6 years.

A good number of support calls relate to people running out of storage and not being able to complete updates etc, needing help on moving crud off devices.

Long story short, go for 128gb if you can stretch to it, 64gb as absolute min.

I agree with the others: 32gb is not enough space.

My first ipad purchase was a 32gb model, but after a few days I realized that wouldn’t work long term, and returned it for the ipad air 2 64gb that i am still using today. Bought it in 2016, hope to get another year or three out of it.

It is perfect for Scrivener usage.

How much space you need is down to how you will use it, and I use this thing for far more than I ever imagined I would!


Oh thank you so much for the reply, very clarifying. I wasn’t thinking down the road. I might go for the 128gb,

Do you use the apple pencil and keyboard with your ipads? Or a standalone brand?

@JimRac Do you see a difference between the Ipad and Ipad air?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Both the 32gb and 64gb devices were iPad Air 2 models.

The old Apple pencil was okay, but the new is amazing. Better balance, feels more like a genuine pencil or pen, and is always charged and available.

The old pencil isn’t really worth the money but the new is.

Personally I use the Adonit Pixel stylus. I’ve had it since before the Apple Pencil was introduced. In its favour it allows using pressure sensitivity even on my iPhone, and it works as an ordinary stylus in unsupported apps. Against it is the fact that it can only be used as a pressure sensitive stylus in apps that explicitly support it, and of course Apple doesn’t care if the Pixel works—it certainly won’t work with the Apple Pencil interface.

As a long time user I’ve got a collection of apps that support the Adonit so I have a disincentive to switch, even though most of them support Apple Pencil too. If I didn’t have the Adonit I might get an Apple Pencil, but there it is—frugality and inertia win out. :smiley:

Please note, @dedji, that neither the iPad 6 nor the iPad Air 3 supports the new Apple Pencil 2 which @Lunk praises so highly. The Pencil 2 works exclusively with iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (3rd generation) and iPad Pro 11‑inch. For the iPad 6 or the iPad Air 3 your choice is the old Apple Pencil or a third-party stylus like the Adonit.

If you think you want to use a pencil, try them before making a decision. I really wanted to use a pencil and got myself the first generation Apple Pencil. But after a while I realized that I didn’t use it as much as I had expected, until the new Pencil 2 was released and I got that (and the new iPadPro). Now I use it a lot, simply because it’s so much better than the old one.

I have the new 12.9 Pro with new pencil and it’s a great combo. I use the Apple Smart Keyboard when I travel for typing and protection.

@dedji, I forgot your keyboard question—sorry! Most of the time I use a third-party onscreen keyboard, Writepad I, with my iPad 6, because this gives me direct handwriting input into Scrivener. As with the Apple Pencil, Apple’s Smart Keyboards won’t work with the iPad 6, though there is one for the iPad Air 3. I use a Bluetooth Macally PCMOBILEKEY with my IPad when I use an external keyboard—it’s light, foldable, full-size when unfolded, with decent key action and (important for me) has the Mac keyboard layout. You may well prefer a PC keyboard layout, in which case I suggest you select a decent quality BT keyboard which meets your needs – it’s much easier to find PC layout BT keyboards! If you’re a touch typist matching layout may be essential, which would leave the Apple Smart Keyboard right out.

Thank you all for the help! I ended up going for the Ipad (6thgen) 128gb :smiley:

Pen a keyboard still deciding!

Here’s a vote for the pencil!

I looooooovvvvvvve this thing!!!

I have the iPad Pro 12.9. So, a different device, but the same principle.

I’d be very surprised if you didn’t love the pencil. I tend to use it most for three scenarios:

1/ Drawing/Doodling in Procreate - May not be your thing. But then, it wasn’t mine either until I got this device! No mess and very therapeutic.
2/ Notes - This is the biggy! It really is awesome for taking notes. I use a few apps for this. Notability is good for when you need to record the audio, but I generally use GoodNotes. MyNebo has good text recognition, so is sometimes useful, but is otherwise a fairly poor notes app. I use these all the time to create notebooks around areas like, sleep, to-dos’, writing ideas etc. It just feels totally different to write then it does to type.
3/ To edit PDFs - Great for when you have handwritten something. You can then scan it into the ipad and edit the document with the pencil before typing it up (very useful for editing hand written drafts)

There are plenty of other potential uses eg Affinity Photo to edit pictures, LumaFusion to edit videos.

If you do get one I would also look into getting something like a Paperlike screen protector (paperlike.com/) It adds a bit of ‘tooth’ to the surface, so it feels much nicer to write and draw on, rather then the feeling of a glossy screen,.

Well, you have listed the main ways of application for which a pencil was created.
As for me, the main plus is not to leave fingerprints on the screen, I like to eat snacks during work. And constantly wipe my fingers infuriates me.

I think enouth, Just use iPhone Flash Drive
I don’t see any reason to overpay for memory