iPad air, mini or pro?

Sorry, but I couldn’t find a better thread where to post this.
Any advice on what iPad is best suited for Scrivener iOS?
I perused some comments about using the iPad for writing and some people say that the iPad pro is really an overkill, and that its keyboard is not so comfortable as it should. When I saw the ad I thought the iPad pro was the right tool for Scrivener, but is it so?

I have the 12.9 Pro and love it. The Apple Keyboard is great once you get used to the limited travel (1/2 hour for me).

A coupe of reviewers like a 3rd party keyboard/case (not logitech, can’t remember at the moment)

That said, know a couple of friends who use the smaller pro and find that ideal for them. Horses for courses.

I find the iPad mini a little small for anything but quick notes.

It’s something you should go and try in the store, but in my opinion, I have an older iPad Air 1. Scrivener seems to work fast (I just had it for a couple of hours) and just in general I think the normal Air is a perfect size. I mean this for a lot of stuff.

I think the Pro is really unwieldy big when I see and hold it in the store. It seems more like a laptop in size and bulk, if you look at how small Macbook Airs and new Macbooks are. And it’s very expensive.
I think the Mini is pretty small, and goes more towards having bigger iPhone-area.
I always thought the 9.7" iPad, not only for scrivener, but in general, was like a perfect size. Very light and small to take with you, but it has about the size of a small sheet of paper, which is how I like to use a tablet for reading etc.

We have all three sizes in the family, but I love the12" Pro. The bigger screen is fantastic.

I have the iPad Air (original model) with a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard case.

So far Scrivener seems 100% slick and responsive and the writing area is more than ample.

I have an iPad mini. While not as slick as the other models, I am so far finding it to be just fine. I use the virtual keyboard (split) and type with my thumbs. It’s not as bad as you think.

I use a Mini with an attached Logitech keyboard. It’s pretty natural–and nice and small for carrying.

I second the 12.9" iPad Pro. I have used a mini, a 9.7" iPad Air 2 and neither come close to a laptop replacement. My 12.9" iPad Pro has now completely replaced my laptop with this morning’s release of Scrviener for iOS. (Note: I haven’t used the 9.7" Pro). The Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard really make the difference. Both are indispensible .

I’ve had a full-size, which I traded in for a mini. I love it because it is hyper portable, fits in my pants pocket. I carry it everywhere.

What’s your use case?

I have no plans to replace my desktop iMac, so I chose the iPad mini for maximum portability. I love it. Perfect for notetaking at conferences and in interviews, light enough to take anywhere, big enough for reasonable screen real estate and accommodates an almost-full-sized external keyboard.

But I wouldn’t use it as my primary writing machine. If that’s what you’re looking for, you should consider at least a full-sized iPad and possible a Pro.


I second Katherine’s question - what’s your use case?

I currently have the new(ish) 12" Macbook plus an iPhone 5S, so for me the “best” iPad is something in-between those two devices. Even an iPad Air weighs nearly as much as my Macbook once you add an external keyboard (790g vs 920g), which makes the iPad Mini the obvious choice for me. It helps that I have small hands, so I don’t have a problem typing on the reduced keyboard - but that could be a total deal-breaker for someone else.

I’ve owned the standard-sized iPad in several of its incarnations and been very happy with it, and I still think it’s the best all-round size for a tablet newbie. Since we’re specifically talking Scrivener, though, I think finding an external keyboard that you’re comfortable with is crucial. I know some folks are happy typing with their thumbs but it’s not exactly efficient!

I have an iPad Air 2, with a Logitech keyboard/cover. Since I work all the time with one document in the editor and one in an expanded quick reference window, I think I’d find anything smaller too cramped; also, even though my hands are not that big, I do find my Logitech keyboard a bit difficult to use. So, if I had the wherewithal, I’d go for the big iPod Pro.


Here’s my thoughts on the matter:


This is my mobile rig sitting in front of my docked work computer.

iPad mini with a cheap, but surprisingly good knock-off Bluetooth keyboard. Scrivener is completely usable on the 8 inch screen size.

That said, I am intrigued by the Pro line, in particular pencil support. When I upgrade this iPad, I may go all in and get the 12.9 Pro. With Scrivener and iOS 9/10 it’s reached the point where it’s good enough to be my daily portable driver.

I am using the 9.7" iPad Pro with an  Pencil. I love the Pro. I was using a Mini 3 until the 9.7" Pro came out; my wife took the Mini. I miss the small portability of the Mini, but I used Scrivener when I was waiting on my truck to be washed today and it worked perfectly. BTW, I have tried more styluses than I can count and the  Pencil is the best bar none.

I got the pro.

I admit, not because of scrivener but topo maps. I need to be able to read those suckers at fire lines and the mini is not large enough. For writing I do recommend an external keyboard. I am using an ancient blue tooth Mac keyboard

I use an old iPad2 with a Logitech keyboard. Scrivener is fast and perfect :slight_smile:
Also without the fisical keyboard, thanks to the typewriter mode, writing is very simple

I used an iPad mini 2 retina whilst beta testing iOScrivener, and found it surprisingly usable. Nevertheless, as soon as realized how great the new app was, I traded the mini and took advantage of a sale and coupon to score a new iPad Pro 9.7 at considerable discount, which is what Im’ using now with my old Apple BT keyboard and incase origami case/stand.

So far I haven’t felt the need for a larger screen when using Scrivener or anything else, though I have no doubt using the big iPad Pro would be even better. What no one has mentioned yet is the value of the true tone , less reflective screen, which I find much easier on the eyes, especially when typing outside (as I love to do when conditions permit) than any other device I’ve ever used. And this set up is just so portable.

The consensus of the reviews I’ve read seems to be that if you want to use your iPad as your only computer (laptop replacement), go with the mega Pro, while if you’re using it as an adjunct to a Mac, or with a large external display, the baby Pro offers greater portability. Since I’ll still be using my external display and, for awhile at least, MacBook Pro, I chose the latter course.

One advantage with the 12" Pro is that it is splendid as an extra display together with my Macbook Pro, running Duet. At work I have a Thunderbolt display, but at home in the kitchen I can have Scrivener main window on the iPad and composition mode on the MBP while I write.


how reliable is the duet app? How is their customer support? I thought about using Scrivener this way too. with the main scrivener app running on my laptop, and additional windows on an iPad. But I just didn’t want to invest in an iPad only to find an unreliable app.

I’ve used it occasionally, sometimes to stream video while I’m working, I confess, and never had any problems with Duet. There’s a similar app that’s supposed to be not so reliable but I can’t recall the name.