iPad and iPhone sync fine via Dropbox but not to my Mac (where i write 95% off stuff!)

Hi i got a new iPad and started to write - the edits have made it fine to my iphone all via the dropbox sync but those edits have not shown up on my Mac software. Dropbox is all good and working fine - any ideas please? Very odd.

So, if your Scriver project folder (actually a macOS “package”) is in Dropbox, you should be able to see it in your Dropbox folder on your Mac. For me, they are in ~/Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener. Yours might be different. If not there then need to figure out why not. Start with looking at your Dropbox folders on the Dropbox web site to see if there.

the book is there - /Users/xxxxxx/Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener

Modification dates look ok? Same mod dates as on Dropbox web site? Is Dropbox app running on the Mac? Sync History on Dropbox app give clue? Can open the project with Scrivener? If not, what is error?

iphone to iPad and vice versa sync is fine - just nothing to mac - i have doubled checked.

Seems like Dropbox not running?

SOLVED thank you. I must have stopped dropbox sync running on my Mac!! Doh. Phew many thanks. Merry Christmas!!