Ipad and mac os syncing through dropbox

I guess i just need to know how long to expect it to take to get versions synced. I have been trying to get the files to sync, so I did a change on one document on the desktop to see if it would show up on the ipad, and it hasn’t yet even though I’ve been attempting to sync the files by hitting sync… Also, changes I did on the ipad were placed in a separate (file?window?) when I opened them up on the desktop.
What am I doing wrong? Am I expecting things to change too quickly? I just want to make sure that changes are recorded so I don’t waste too much work in the transferring. Thanks!

Syncing is a three step process:

  • Upload changes from device A to Dropbox server.
  • Dropbox updates their internal records to reflect the change.
  • Download changes from Dropbox server to device B.

The exact amount of time involved will depend on the size of the files involved and the speed of the relevant connections, but you shouldn’t expect an instantaneous transfer.

If the transfer never happens, though, probably something is wrong. Our troubleshooting guide is here:

By default, desktop Scrivener will create a Collection with recently synchronized files. Like any other Collection, it appears in the space normally occupied by the Binder.