iPad compatible?

I don’t think my last post worked. It said something about just saving it in a draft? So I’ll ask again. (Maybe I hit ‘save’ instead of ‘submit’?

Can I use Scrivener on an iPad? If not, is anyone here thinking of making a writing App for the iPad and iPod touch that might sync with Scrivener?

Bump for help.

No, Scrivener is a Mac app (and now also a Windows app) and a version has not been ported to the iPad.

There are a number of ways of syncing text in Scrivener with the iPad, probably the simplest of these is to use SimpleNote. Note that (in my opinion) this is best for a few individual documents within a project, I wouldn’t want to try to sync an entire project. This is my preferred option for entering text while out and about.

You can also sync documents to a folder and then sync that folder to various iPad text applications. There is information in the manual, a brief description here, and a video tutorial here on these options.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Yup, the synchronisation tools described in Chapter 13 of the user manual are the best ways to work with a mobile device. These are mostly content-based syncing tools—the main text content for each section in your Binder is what gets used in the sync. If you don’t really need synchronisation (for instance if you primarily just jot down ideas on the go and want an easy way to import) that broadens your options. There are some nice brainstorming and outliner style tools for the iPad that can export to OPML. These .opml files can be dragged into the project Binder and turned into outlines in Scrivener. The application Index Card for the iPad, while it has a dedicated sync method of its own, can also be used as a note-taking platform. You can drag exported .indexcard files into the Binder to import them. Meanwhile Scrivener itself can produce OPML outlines for those iPad programs which can open them, so there are options in that direction as well.

Thanks for the good suggestions. I’ll take a look at chapter 13 in the manual and the other links you gave and also look at Simple Note. If I can just work on one Folder at a time that would be better than nothing. Thanks again.