iPad Enthusiasm

Alan Kay had a vision in 1968. He called it Dynabook, and you can see him holding a prototype here.

Here’s an image of a young girl, getting her iPad.

In no way do I want to imply that Dynabook=iPad, although both can make children happy.

Peter Abraham, a sports writer for the Boston Globe, had this to say about the players on the Red Sox:

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single player on the team has an iPad. Apple should make a commercial at Fenway [the baseball park where the Red Sox play their games].”

boston.com/sports/baseball/r … rando.html

If the iPad had HyperCard, it might have made Kay quite a bit more happy. The key thing about the Dynabook was that it’s chief function was educational and creative. It would be easy to read and write with, and be dynamically programmable right within the device. The iPad isn’t really any of these things. You can’t even put your own programs on it without paying $100 to Apple (or hacking it and removing yourself from any form of customer support), and you can’t share your program with your friends or strangers without going through a bunch of strange, inappropriate requirements that were designed to keep the cellular phone networks free of maliciousness, and all on an operating system that was designed for a cellular phone, too. Its writing functions are dubious without a bunch of accessories to prop it up just right and battery operated keyboards, or other paraphernalia—and even then I think most people would rather just bring a laptop. Most people, I emphasise. Most people need to italicise their text.

I think, wait for iPad 3, or maybe even someone else, before pulling out the Kay card.

I use iPad primarily when I’m reading in bed due to mouse arm, or when I’m away from home. That has allowed me to work longer periods, extending the reach of my Mac, so in that sense it has been a real revolution for me. Otherwise I prefer my Mac which is a production device and not consumption device like iPad. But don’t forget that iPad and Dynabook are just ripples in the ocean started by the invention of the computer. A quote from Einstein:

Apologies for misreading your post, though you have to admit it could be taken in a number of ways when you just put two pictures together like that. :slight_smile: I also didn’t intend to “label you” as anything. The title of the thread is iPad enthusiasm, which the photograph of the girl depicts, and the posted link to the baseball team also talks about. It wasn’t meant to say that the posters of the material were themselves, enthusiasts.

Feel free to re-name the thread whatever you like. Your post is at the top, which means that is what the list will use in the forum.

Incidentally, if I had to pick the best contender for a modern-day implementation of the Dynabook concept, it would be the One Laptop per Child project. It’s got a paper-ish screen, promotes creativity and programmability, is fairly cheap, and very durable. There are problems with that project in general, but the technology was a big step in the right direction.

I can’t help myself, I still want an iPad. I have no justifiable reason for it!

Ah, that is the best reason of all! It’s the heart speaking directly :smiley: .

Well its not as if you cant afford it…is it? Just cut back on food and clothing for the kids.

Thanks for the link :smiley:
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If I get one, I’ll probably have to hide it from the kids.

Think digital picture frame on steriods.

If I was to compare the iPad to an older device instead of the Dynabook I think I would point to the Newton. The grandfather of all smart phones and the iPad


I own an MP130, that I will never sell. Better, in Newton’s language: L ouur or NQLBO…


“Shocked” by demand for the iPad after it launched, Apple has ramped up production of the device to meet it… Apple recently doubled its monthly iPad builds to 2 million… Apple recently indicated to its suppliers a desire to move to 3 million per month in C4Q10. Source: digitaldaily.allthingsd.com/2010 … 3-million/

I ordered one as soon as I was able (3G with maximum memory). The size factor was the key as it would do stuff (I hoped) that my Touch would not. And I was proven right in a trip to England this summer.

Moderate writing only as I’m only a dilettante compared to the lot of you. With a separate keyboard, likely capable of some serious, away from the main machine, work. I wasn’t going to take the laptop as all I was travelling with was my 28 Litre Backpack and a mini backpack. I didn’t take the bluetooth keyboard as even it was too much.

Take a serious look.


I was wondering what happened to you :confused:

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Already a happy iPad user, I’ll be happier when Apple launches a planned November software upgrade that includes features on the iPhone–multitasking, creating folders, threaded e-mail–plus … wireless printing.

From online.barrons.com/article/SB500 … ws_barrons

Hey Vic,

My feeble attention has been stretched in other directions lately. From your loving thoughts that I see you spreading about in the forums, nothing has changed much since I was here last. I was down to Portsmouth in early august which if I remember correctly, is at least the right side of the country for you. But then of course, I was also in Newcastle (and north to Scotland), the Lakes district, the Dales and Brighton so I you might hav’ seen me somewhere. But not that song. I canna stop laughing long enough to memorize it.


And yes, I’m just waiting to for the 4.02 update for the iPad as well. Can’t come soon enough.

Not exactly La Traviata, is it? :laughing:
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Isn’t England that little country that lost a war against a bunch of farmers and criminals a few hundred years ago?

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