IPAD is syncing with old Dropbox

I have Scrivener for the IPAD (version 1.2.1)and Windows. I have been trying to get my ipad to sync with my windows version of my Nanowrimo book that I am working on. The IPAD version is an older version that will not share the same changes that my windows one does. I have unlinked it from dropbox and when I re-installed iOS version of Scrivener the old copies were still there. I have many changes on the windows one that didn’t make it in as well as the iOS version additions aren’t in the windows one.

I feel like it is making two versions and I can’t get them to mate up. I have a windows laptop and windows desktop, with both of those showing the windows changes. I just don’t know what to try next.

Also I unlinked my ipad, and it still pulls my books from Dropbox, just older versions. Which makes no sense when I unlinked and deleted dropbox off my iPad.

Did you. check the Dropbox settings inside you iOS Scrivener app? Edit, gear wheel, Dropbox settings?