Ipad Mini and Writing

Has anyone tried the iPad Mini as a writing tool? If so, how does it compare to the iPad?

Rebecca, I’ve only tried a “simulation” of the mini, and for my hands it is too small to type with more than two fingers per hand. If you plan to use an external keyboard, I guess it should do fine.


I’m not too fond of typing much on either the iPad or iPad mini, so I generally just hook them up to my Bluetooth keyboard. It’s perfectly fine if you’re just tapping out some quick notes, though. The mini keyboard is much better than the iPhone keyboard.

I have an iPad Mini, and I find typing on it in landscape mode pretty much the same as I find typing on the regular iPad in landscape mode - which is to say, that it’s passable, but hardly the greatest touch-typing experience. My hands are a little more cramped on it that on the larger iPad, naturally, but it doesn’t feel too much different. As AKNicolle says, though, all iPads are only really any good for short notes (unless you plug in an external keyboard, which I never do, seeing as I use my MacBook Air if I need a full keyboard); the typing experience is fine for that, but frustrating for anything longer, at least for me.

The iPad Mini is definitely a nice device, though, and I prefer its form factor to larger iPads.

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Will the iPad Mini work ok with the iPad version of Scrivener, or will the screen be too small?

It already works with it. :slight_smile:

The iPad mini is the size I always wished the iPad was, especially while commuting on the train. When you’re cramped in next to people, both the regular iPad and a laptop feel too large and like everyone is reading my screen. The mini is perfect for taking notes about what I’m reading. I even wrote 800 word journal entries on the mini on the train twice last week. I like typing in portrait mode with two thumbs, especially with the split keyboard.

:open_mouth: RSI…Mistress Suzan? :confused:

To get back to my question to Keith for a moment, is the screen on the mini sufficient when using Scrivener? I plan to use an external keyboard, so that part is of no concern.

The screen is fine for running Scrivener:

A first view of what it looks like … :slight_smile:

Can I be the first to say “Awesome” … a horrible word which I hate, but I thought we’d do well to get it out of the way.

And I don’t have a tablet of any flavour, and can’t justify getting one!



It looks as if it’ll be thoroughly obvious for anyone using the Mac version to instantly start viewing and editing documents on iOS. From that screenshot, the software looks rather pedestrian, and I think that’s a most excellent thing.

I am a tad concerned that Keith is filing the L&L homepage as “research”. :open_mouth:


He’s researching how my corner rounding code for the navigation tabs gets all screwy on iOS. :slight_smile:

Thanks for teasing us with that screen shot! It looks great and I want it now … but will wait :frowning:

Looks like it has the potential to allow me to delete all of the other note-taking apps on my iPad at present. As long as it syncs with Dropbox, I’ll be happy.

Hi Kevin, I am using my iPad exclusively to write my novel. I use the on-screen KB (though I’ve experimented with the BT KB) and with an appropriate writing app, I have no issues. I know folks have different preferences, but I wanted to testify to the usability the iPad KB in case someone is considering trying it. The iPad Mini would no doubt beg the use of a BT KB, but I haven’t tried one.

I’m really looking forward to Scrivener for iPad and really, really hoping it will have cursor navigation keys. Please, oh please say it will.

I used Scrivener on the iMac before getting my iPad and really miss the experience.

Happy Writing!

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 17.16.17.png

I use the Mini for writing with the Apple keyboard. Both fit neatly into my old Newton MessagePad case. Works great, and very portable. If I don’t have the BT keys with me, the portrait keyboard is good for thumbs, and the landscape works well for touch typing. :smiley:

Each to their own, John :slight_smile: - I could think of nothing worse than trying to tap out a novel on that keyboard, but then I touch-type at over 80 wpm, something that is impossible on such a device.

I don’t have any experience with the regular sized iPad, but I am starting to get the hang of thumb typing in landscape mode on the Mini. I have short fingers, but wide hands, so touch-typing on the on-screen keyboard is kind of out of the question.

The screen is clear enough so reading the text is no problem. Again, without experience of a Retina display, I don’t know how it compares. I’m very satisfied with the Mini as a device, but I’m not as thrilled with the writing apps available. So am REALLY looking forward to Scrivener for iPad. (So glad I happened into this thread so I could get that early tease from Keith! Chops are being licked!)

See Keith’s comment here.