iPad Pro 5th gen

Finally received my iPad Pro 12.9 5th gen M1 1TB. Ordered a month before I left Apple, arrived around a month after I left.

The display is great and it’s a screamer!

Now to wait for Apple to upgrade iPadOS to take advantage of the new capabilities.

How is this bragging a wish list request (but now I want one too, dammit! Not that I didn’t before; iPad Air is so old I cannot even update it past iOS 7.something :angry: which is making which apps I can install a problem.)

Still, not the place, I think.

Happy to move it elsewhere, if @RuffPub will express a preference. Somewhere in the Latte sections?

The wish might be that in line with the wished for improvement in iPadOs that might enable a tweak in Scrivener iOS, but do whatever you like with the post.

So, a wish for an iOS Scrivener update to support new hardware and iOS features? I can get behind that. :wink:

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